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Instead of sending eleven emails, I now click once! I love being able to see exactly the time an order was accepted. And, if I need my lead bartenders to place orders, they only need to login to Tiz, not get a bunch of email addresses or phone numbers from me.

-Dianna Sanders a.k.a. “Mama D”, Beverage Director

Pro Tip: The restaurant, open until 2:00AM, is completely sound-proof. Even at this time, you’d never to know a 500-person DJ party is happening upstairs!

The Promontory

Chicago, IL

The Promontory, deriving its name from nearby Promontory Point, combines the peaceful feeling of being outdoors with the concept of fellowship over food and drinks, all centered around the hearth – an open, wood burning oven. The beverage program is driven by seasonal, classic cocktails with a twist, often incorporating house-made ingredients like hearth-charred grapefruit. Largely responsible for the Hyde Park hospitality boom, this bi-level restaurant and music venue is part of 16” on Center, a Chicago hospitality group that develops concepts in budding neighborhoods. The 500-person upstairs concert hall pays homage to Hyde Park’s musical legacy, reflecting the era when spacious ballrooms and jazz clubs dominated the South Side nightlife scene.

The Promontory
5311 S Lake Park Ave W, Chicago, IL 60615
(312) 801-2100