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Our Users Know Us Best.

Meet some industry professionals using Tiz to order alcohol each week.

Craft Beer Haven

Monk’s Pub delights Chicagoans with hundreds of beers from local and international craft brewers alike. Melissa, the General Manager for over 10 years, loves the efficiency Tiz provides.

Diverse Multi-Unit

Element Collective is, by far, the city’s most diverse bar group. TJ, an industry veteran and the group’s Director of Operations, loves Tiz’s features for managing multiple bars at once.

Pizza Party

If pizza + patio = love, then Ranalli’s may steal your heart. Like all Four Corners bars, customer service is top priority. Jeff, the General Manager, loves that Tiz frees up his time so he can focus on service.

Modern Music Venue

Dianna, Beverage Director at The Promontory, handles ordering for a full service restaurant and a 500-person music hall. Translation: LOTS of distributors. She loves the time savings that Tiz provides and loves discovering new products.

Your Reps Love Us, Too!

“I am a big fan of your program as it makes our jobs easier. Saves a lot of time and provides less room for error in transmitting orders.”

Are you a distributor sales rep?