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Ordering Alcohol Has Never Been as Fast and Easy

Spend less time on ordering and more time on what matters most: your customers and your employees.

Centralized Ordering

The only time you should be texting 10 people is if you’re throwing a kickass party, amiright?? With Tiz, submit all of your orders in a single click – whether you’re ordering from 5 or 15 distributors. Your reps receive key details on each product and can easily mark items as out-of-stock. Less time, less confusion, less worry.


Lists make life easier! Create custom lists to easily find and reorder core products. You can create as many lists as you want, and they’re completely customizable and sortable. Discover a cool product you might want to order in the future? Put it on a list!

Search Functionality

Find exactly what you’re looking for within our vast catalog of over 25,000 products. Search by brand name or keyword to find product details including distributor, price, images, and package size. Feeling adventurous? Filter by category and type to discover new products to add to your program.

Digital Records

Stop wondering if your order was received! With Tiz, you’ll receive digital confirmations when your orders are accepted, and you can check your order status at any time. Easily access your complete order history to review past order details.

Pricing & Deals

Use our distributor-driven pricing or upload your own custom pricing to accurately forecast your order. Secured a deal with your rep? Use our notes feature to remind them, or our in-app messaging system to communicate.

Multi-Location Support

Those who manage multiple establishments can view key order data points across multiple locations in one single, accessible dashboard. Set user permissions to allow for granular management of account access.

Ordering Without the Headache

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