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About Us

In today’s hospitality industry, concepts and products are constantly evolving.

Technology and processes, however, have remained the same for hundreds of years.

Feeling the pain of inefficiency, some beverage and hospitality veterans got together with some of Chicago’s best entrepreneurs and technologists to build a product that makes it easier for members of the three-tier distribution system to communicate and do business.

And Tiz was born!

For bars and restaurants, Tiz is a free platform that streamlines the cumbersome alcohol ordering process. Tiz allows retailers to order alcohol from all of their distributors in a single click while utilizing features that provide organization and transparency throughout the process. With newfound time savings, operators can put the focus back on their customers and their employees. 

Tiz also increases efficiencies for distributors and sales reps. With a more streamlined ordering process, reps have more time to grow their relationships and business. For integrated distributors, time savings are optimized at a level that was never possible with the preceding process. Learn more about becoming an integrated distributor >

For suppliers, Tiz provides a unique and unprecedented way to get in front of target customers at the exact time they are preparing orders. Learn more about supplier opportunities>

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