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Attention Hospitality Professionals:

Order Alcohol From All Of Your Distributors In Under 2 Minutes, With One Simple Click.

Save time and increase efficiency by streamlining the tedious alcohol ordering process. Order alcohol from all of your distributors at one time, on a single platform, with a forever-free Tiz account.

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“Tiz has helped to streamline our entire process by being a one-stop-shop for our beverage ordering. It saves us hours each week and keeps communication with our distributors quick and simple. We highly recommend working with this platform if you’re a fan of saving time and alleviating stress from your life.”

Nicholas Filimon – Beverage Director at The Vig

Features that save you time and keep you organized.

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Do I still get my deals? Will I still have a sales rep to work with? Can I order from all my distributors?

Yes, yes, and YES! We know change can be scary and you probably have a lot of questions, so head over to our list of FAQs and get all of them answered!

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Hundreds of Bars use Tiz to Streamline Operations

From sports bars to cocktail lounges, gastropubs to pizza joints, establishments of all types are loving Tiz.

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